Thursday, 21 January 2010


It constantly amazes me how much God cares about the little details in my life. When I was younger I was told that He knew everything about me, but I thought, "so he knows, what difference does that make to me?" Now I see that He not only knows but cares and shows His amazing love through the special blessings that come with inside knowledge of our hearts. My essay research isn't going well, but I just decided to try and write up a section anyway and struggle through it. I wished that I had a different soundtrack for this endeavor. I ordered some CDs the other day that are perfect working music, but after checking the post hopefully earlier, they hadn't arrived. So I sat down to type, motivation draining, and that second a knock came to the door, a postman, late, with a cheerful looking brown package for me. Perfect timing! I nearly hugged the postman. I settled for squeaking in the stupid way that I do when I'm excited, but it made him laugh, so that's two days made better. Beautiful.

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