Tuesday, 12 January 2010

So here's a little thought with big implications.

God is sovereign, He's got everything pretty (and by this I mean completely) sorted. Even when I don't understand it, when things look wobbly and broken and chaotic, it's all still firmly in His hand. His plan, is flawless. His knowledge, is perfect. He has control, power and supremacy. These things I believe.

"We are immortal, until God calls us home."

I feel the need to add, we go on being immortal after that.

But in this life, what a knowledge that would be to grasp. We are untouchable. When it's time to bow out, to head on over to the eternity of stuff I can't even begin to imagine, it's completely on God's terms. Until then, whenever that may be, we can throw ourselves heart first onto the line for Jesus.

So why do we live in so much fear? More risks need to be taken. Jesus was not one for holding back for fear of the consequences. He knew what was coming, and He knew what would come afterwards. We are all going to die, and if we've trusted Him, we're all going to live. Why should we fear anything? Perfect loves drives out fear!

I'm finding out that it's the moments of decision,
yes or no,
step out or sit still,
speak or hold silence,
that define who I am.
Who I was made to be.

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