Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I'm back in Sheffield! Hurrah. It is so far quite beautiful. I looked out of the window this morning (which is now yesterday) when I went to make coffee and a dense fog hung over the day. That made me smile. I'm happy. I left my 3 warm hoodies at home accidentally though, which is unfortunate. Muppet. Magnets on our fridge make me smile too. It's good. It's very, very good.

"There should be no pity for the man who leaves everything behind to follow God, and then wonders why the road is so difficult or narrow. Nor should there be a party. What there should be, and what I feel I can honestly say, is that there should be a change. There should be progress on some level. I used to say that this experience would be worth the while if only one life was encouraged to discover Jesus for the first time or at least to seek Christ with greater diligence. By God’s kindness, this has happened in countless lives this year already! Little did I know, though, that I was referencing myself. I was that one person that needed Jesus. Did I (or do any of us) really think that our mustard seed of faith would accomplish the relocation of mountains? Probably not, at least not for very long. What Jesus was getting at in this well-known parable was that it took such an insignificant morsel of OUR own faith, by comparison, to the colossal depths of God’s faith in His own ways, His own abilities. The mountains will throw themselves into the sea, not because you or I give the command, but because God is able to match our tiny seed with His unending forest, and then, and only then, is anything possible. All forests are birthed first by planting helpless seeds that require ingredients only God can provide. We are saved by grace, through faith, because faith is the seed that God uses to implant His eternal power of grace into our lives." - Chad Johnson.

Change me, mold me, bring me closer, let me progress. Oh my word. Life. Soul. Love. He is flipping amazing.

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