Saturday, 2 January 2010


A few things:

1) Music is getting me right excited at the moment. Incredibly. Ah, beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

2) I'm concerned about my health. Since starting university I've not been right, and the past few weeks I've barely eaten most days because I'm constantly feeling nauseous. Today I walked around town for just an hour and nearly collapsed before I got home. Now standing is proving exhausting. I'm supposed to be running marathons! So a blood-test is in order...

3) I've become far too conservative, and it's time to revert.

4) I find it humorous that my mother is concerned about me being "low" today when I'm actually ridiculously cheerful. Oh the irony.

4) I'm considering how my degree is going to help me get into the field I really want to work in, and the outcome is not logical.

5) God's darn good. And I am excited.

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