Friday, 27 November 2009


It's a humbling time. I'm 2 days behind on essays according to my schedule and thus will unfortunately be working through nights again. I tried so hard. But like I said, it's humbling. I have no choice but to trust. I know the lesson I'm learning is that my plans aren't what count. But it's so darn tricky.

In more positive news, text-a-toastie was great last night. Once again loads of people with genuine questions, and an amazing heart of people wanting to serve and meet them. God's good, and He loves cheese and bread. Also, excitingly...I guess we have a house for next year. I saw it today and it is really rather wonderful. The best student house I've seen actually. The bedrooms are great sizes, and they all have a fireplace. We can have candles! So we've emailed the landlady, and it's reserved for us to sign the contract any day now. There was another group who saw it before us, who wanted it, and it's such an answer to prayer that we were favoured. Serious provision. It's also at the top of Conduit Road, commonly known as the steepest hill in Sheffield (which is rather mountainous at the best of times). So we're getting fit too. It's good to know we've got it...even if I'm still imploding about staying here.

I smell an all-nighter in the IC creeping slowly nearer...

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