Sunday, 2 May 2010


I keep writing half entries to this lately. A lot's going on I suppose.

Today, I was discussing recent events with a wonderful person. Because to go into the specifics is beyond the bounds of privacy, modesty and comfort, I'll sub in a line from Death Cab For Cutie, which touches the theme vaguely,

"You can do better than me, But I can't do better than you".

In abi-fashion, I ripped this notion apart (always in my head). The gist of my proposition: grace is a leveler. To explain, to me there is no better and worse in people. Eyes are levelers, in a way- no matter who the person is, how they dress, how much dirt is on their face, how they smell, what they've done, what they're saying, look at their eyes, the ring of colour around a deep black hole waiting to be filled, floating in a white or jaundiced or bloodshot sea... they're just human, the same as me, you, everyone else. I love eyes for this. They say they're windows to the soul, and they are. And the soul you see has fallen short of perfection in every pair of eyes.

Nobody's perfect. We all mess up. Some of us do catastrophic things that result in the deaths of thousands of 'innocent' people. Some of us take advantage of people. Some of us hold grudges.

God's grace covers a multitude of sins. The multitude. Everything. So, if we are to see people with His perspective, we're equal. All rubbish, but all perfect, all forgiven, all clean and faultless. Grace is a leveler.

That's why to me, there's no better. There's no hierarchy. Yes, you can like people more than others, you can be attracted to some as friends and more, and not to others, but that doesn't make them better. As Thrice sing, "we are beggars all". Beggars taken in, adopted as sons, wrapped in royal robes and made equal in extravagant love as beautiful new creations. How can one be inherently better than another?

This is just about value really. I want people to know how loved they are, how much they're worth, that they don't need to compare themselves to anyone else. That is all.

All except for the things I've learnt today:
  • first impressions are unreliable
  • goat's cheese, like goat's milk, tastes undeniably of goat
  • Ascend the Hill are one of the best worship bands around ('Fall'=beauty)
  • my speakers crack every 4 seconds when the volume isn't very loud
  • Jo loves Playmobil a lot
  • I still cry ridiculously at 'Crash'
  • 'love is not love which alters when it alteration finds'

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