Sunday, 21 February 2010


I'm in Nottingham. I came for a night to recooperate, and it was pleasant. I stayed another to be sociable. I was meant to be going back to Sheff now but have just been informed that due to snow church is cancelled tonight (mum cackled at this, sad times) so maybe I will be staying tonight too, and visit St Nics. This will be nice, if not my intention. Much of the past few days has been really good, despite me feeling doubtful at the failings of my plans. Testimony that someone in control knows much better what we need than we do. My uncle just read out the weather forecast for the week in Sheffield and I excliamed, "no! but it's our events week!" concerned that the CU's plans would be hindered by weather. Perhaps this will happen, but God's plans won't be, and this is something I need to remember more.

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