Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Well, I feel it necessary to profess that last week's prayer of healing for my good friend was honoured- praise Jesus. The whole thing really challenged me to trust God more. I guess I say this all the time. If I face it honestly, this is because I never rise to the challenge as fully as it demands me to. We're called to give our hearts and lives into His hands fully, but instead it's the case that we give a little more each time we're with Him. Sometimes I try to take some back too. But the way I see it, the general trend is a few steps forward each day, and that's a few steps closer to full surrender. It's still a fair few marathons away. What lives lived in full surrender would look like, I can hardly imagine, but the thought excites me no end. I'm praying for faith that I'll get there. Join me.

In other news, epic things are happening. Prayer is spreading in the CU like fire. We're solid and rooted and protected, and everything is being covered in the stuff. It's quite amazing.

I had a friend up (down?) at the weekend, and it was a beautiful time. I'm ridiculously fortunate to know such amazing people as I do.

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