Friday, 11 December 2009


I've just watched a program about elderly couples affected by Alzheimer's. This theme always gets me; I've been sat just crying and crying at it, because it's so sad, and so beautiful, and the tension between these is like a new colour in the soul. It's this selfless, pure and honest love that's given despite not being recognised, reciprocated or recieved without abuse. Knowing that nothing may be given in return, they still devote their lives to the person they love. It's just amazing. I guess it always makes me think of how God loves us, even when so many of us so much of the time don't know Him, see Him as a stranger or worse, and give so little back. How he gives us everything including Himself and does for us what we're unable of doing ourselves. He loves. And loves. And loves.

I want to live a life of selfless love.

The program is here, should you have 38 minutes and 45 seconds to witness something inspired by God's heart:

It also talks about music's role in combating dementia etc, if that intrigues you.

Yes please Jesus.

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