Monday, 26 April 2010

Splishy Splashy.

A simple question that came from the front at church last week:

Does your life release others into freedom, or keep others from freedom?

Encouragement / Guilt
Challenge / Condemnation
Conviction / Comparison

Fine lines. I shudder to think sometimes. I'd like people to step into freedom. I'd like people to know life in its fullness. I'd like to have my life be a billboard for that. I'd like to live a life of love.


I have a hoody with this word on it. I adore it because it's like being labeled. If I could have my life defined by one word, I would always pray it would be Love. Yes please.


So yesterday was the half marathon. Bad times when the day before, Dave let us know that he couldn't walk properly. Jolly good job we have a God who heals -mit haste. So much joy when I got his text saying he was going for it, just an hour and a half before the race started. God is wonderful, people are great.

I don't really like running with people usually...I tend to go at night when no one can see me. But something I absolutely adore about events like the half, with 5000 runners, is the atmosphere of support and encouragement, between competitors and the public. It's just lovely. I managed to find some people dressed as Mario characters, jumping around in great costumes, encouraging people and making them laugh as they ran. They made me smile so much that I decided to just stay near them the whole way round. It was great. So much fun. When I'm fit enough to do a full marathon (roll on September) I'm going to do halves and be that joyful factor for other people.

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