Saturday, 3 April 2010


For anyone who cares or with a vested interest, training for the Sheffield Half Marathon (Sunday the ?25th of April) is going surprisingly well. Thankyou very much. Fantastic, since wonderfully generous people have sponsored me to run as part of fundraising for the summer trip to Mozambique. This whole idea of improvement is amazing considering mystery illness. (By the way, I'm conscious that mystery illness might benefit from a cheerful name, seen as he seems to intend to stick around). I run when I feel okay, generally with a day or two without afterwards in which I'm ill. But my fear has been that I wouldn't be able to improve given this silly routine and circumstance. But apparently not. How good is God?! Very.

At one point tonight, I had to pass a group of 'youths' who started running ahead of me, hilariously. Two dropped off soon enough but one boy ran alongside me, laughing...we had a chat, I asked him if he'd like to run the whole ten miles with me, and he too slowed very soon. I felt like Eddie Izzard but less fit and not nearly as adept at walking in heels. Then at one point a man was cycling in the other direction to me on b*stard road, and I prepared myself for some lewd remark. He shouted "respect to you" which made me smile on many levels. The second was most fun. Anyway, the point is, it's these random nice people and moments (like the man who stared at me crossing the road then smiled in a really lovely way from his car when he realised, or the man who shouted "have some motivation dear!" from his doorway) which make my day beautiful.

And now there are brothers around, 1020 calories to regain, a bit of Del Toro's finest work to date on is a good night.

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