Sunday, 30 January 2011

Dot to dot.

So, I'm pondering how much responsibility we have in decisions. I'm not talking simple right/wrong things, but more 'which path now?' types. When there's not a clear moral decision, where people won't get hurt as a result of one over another, where alarm bells don't ring in your conscience at the thought of one you know isn't the way.

I think when it comes to a lot of things, we know what's right. It depends on your world view, but I do think people know in general, barring actual conditions like psychopathy where there is literally no comprehension of moral implication. It may be from your conscience and an empathy, a knowledge of what effects will be beneficial to you or people around you. It may be based on laws or expectations placed by society. I think my conscience is informed by God's heart, and also knowledge of His laws and instructions in the Bible.

Regardless, all of these ways lead to a little voice that says 'no!' to some things, and 'yeah!' to others. And all of them can be ignored. As much as anyone may go get drunk and act in some obscene way that offends society in the street, I can and do choose on a daily basis to do something I know full well is wrong. In the same way, much of the time we abide by the laws of society, and sometimes I do what I know is right- I stop there, or have one less, or talk to that person.

So that's tricky- getting your body in line with your head in decisions in which you know the value of each option. What complicates matters even more is when there's no clear cut right or wrong, but just one or another.

Is it all up to us? Can we do whatever we want? Or is there a specific linear trajectory we're supposed to be heading on? Or is it like a playground, where we can play on whatever we want as long as it's within the boundaries?

I don't know. I sometimes think it's more up to us than we'd like to think.

Stress is not my forte. What happens here?

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