Saturday, 2 October 2010


Just a general theme of my pondering at the moment, or more, what God's definitely pressing on my heart, is that where we have a vision, an ideal, a standard and and aim, so often we change it to make it more achievable. But by virtue of this, the vision is not attained- something else, something less, is. So my thinking and my praying is that we need to change (I definitely need to change), we as people need to change, not what we aim for. We need to have more faith and more hope in the visions we're given becoming reality. Until the picture in our mind and heart matches perfectly the picture our eyes perceive, no target should be lowered, no standard dropped, no concessions made.

I don't think God does half-measures. He didn't send Jesus with the fanciful idea that maybe He'd save all of Galillee, but with the full intention that the world, the whole world and every single broken heart in it would turn back to Him. He healed with that vision in mind. He multiplied food with that vision in mind. He picked up the cross and stumbled to His death to pay the ultimate price for sin with that vision in mind. Even now, the repurcussions of that life and that death and that resurrection are creating ripples of salvation that eventually will cover every person. If God changed His vision and gave up, we'd be lost.

He did not compromise. Jesus was offered kingdoms by satan and He refused. He had a vision of how this rescue was going to happen, and it was love all the way. And the result of that is what He promised, what He came to bring- life in all its fullness. So why, when we're hidden in Him, made co-heirs of everything that Jesus has from the Father, why do we settle for less than God says is possible?

In anything, all I'm thinking is this. God has enough power and strength and sovereignty to save the world- so if He's put a vision in your heart, don't settle for less, don't lower your standards and don't doubt that He'll do it if you persevere. Change your attitude and faith before you change your vision. Hold fast. Hope hard.

I'm talking at myself again.

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