Thursday, 18 March 2010

Scans and tea.

No, I do not know how I was made.
Foundations laid are underground and I
Build up, up. My tower sways, west to east,
In the south wind; it sings
My accolade. Deafening praise
Let it rise and swell-
Until the south winds fall and the north rise up-
Tales of my glory let it tell.
And when it mumbles, tripped
By my stumbling gait cry
Wait! As my tower sways
As my tower sways east to west and bricks
Rain down and splinters dig from
This rough wood crown and I,
Usurper rightly overthrown, in the
Rubble stands my stolen throne.
Then I, king Beggar with nought to claim
But in ruins just foundations remain-
No, I do not know how I was made.

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