Thursday, 18 November 2010

Elephant mice.

All I know is that beautiful in me is You... beautiful in me is You.

(All... I... know...) Every good thing, every true thing, beautiful in me is You, beautiful in me is You.

I see a thousand young men, they're all marching in time with the war on their doorsteps and their lovers behind them, and all of their glory flows back to their master, but they care not for honor, for they wear His robes.

I'm tired of striving to be, who You already say that I am. I am Yours...

Take what You need to take, say what You need to say to make me who I am meant to be, You can have it all.

-- My Epic: Author.

God is pretty good to me. The past week or so has been huge testament to this. I am thankful for the following things: grace, healing, risks, foreign men dressed as death, Yorkshire tea and readybrek munchies after a night out (amazing), Text-a-Toastie, action songs at church, small children, bole hill, giggling fits, second chances (and third, fourth, fifth...)

-and there are more to come. Merci beaucoup mes aime.

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